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Bear at 2014 DCI World Championships

Bear at 2014 DCI World Championships

Photo credit: John Matter

It was approximately in the Fall of 2010 when my son, Conner, joined his high school marching band that the love of photographing musicians in motion became a pursuit of capturing that elusive perfect moment in time. What followed after marching band was drum corps then winter percussion and winter color guard.

However, photography started more than 25 years ago, when working in an engineering profession, I realized the artistic half of my brain was not being satisfied. Acquiring a single lens reflex camera was my avenue to learning the viewfinder was a gateway to capturing a moment in time that could never be recreated. Once you capture the still image of that precise moment, it will be the only time someone would imprint the image from that angle, on film, that no one else could repeat.

Alas, photography was placed on the back burner for the first loves of my life, my four children. Raising four boys was a full-time investment that provided little time for other activities. It was not until about four years ago that one of them drew me back into this creative activity with his love for playing percussion music, marching band style. The film SLR was replaced with a digital SLR but knowing elements of ‘drawing light’ on a sensor instead of film was not that different. So began an endeavor in providing an image of others through my eyes that we now have this site.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little history and now joining this journey.